The Putin & The Trump in All of Us

Putin and Trump
(Photo: Times)

There is one PUTIN in Russia taking side with all those who threaten our world as he sustains the relics of the COLD WAR. He must disagree with America indiscriminate of the impropriety of it, he sides with the dragon in Syria, as Assad continues to kill his people for power. He is predictably ambivalent on North Korea because he must be seen not to be on the same page with the US. So sad.

And there is a loose cannon in Washington, spewing invectives and nullification like a Hollywood and a Nollywood Act in an Action Movie. He is busy heating up our universe and hitting hard at the fabric that sustains the human brotherhood. And he is a warmonger threatening ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’. Sad.

We PUT IN the fuel that fuels hate when out of ego, and the ‘I am not and cannot be wrong mentality’ we side with our Party against the expectations of the ORDINARY PEOPLE. We PUT IN division when we sacrifice equity, justice and fairness at the altar of banality, forgetting that humanity has a 99.9% common DNA. Why do we for the 0.1% difference, undermine our common humanity? Why do we allow sick men and women to divide us and threaten our planet. Why?

We TRUMP it and mess it all up when we put partisanship over patriotism. When anger and ego takes away the nobility of civilized debate, as insults and invectives dominate our discourse both on social media and terrestrial press. And we TRUMP it when we mortify our common humanity at the slaughter slab of race, ethnicity, religion, region and supremacy.

We must redefine the trust of the human pilgrimage, and in all we do in leadership, in governance, in entertainment, and in the various fields and vocation that we find ourselves, make LOVE our GOD.

We must love and care for the ORDINARY PEOPLE, the vulnerable, and the victims of conflicts, and we must provide for the internally displaced and the refugees that liter our planet.

Written by Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

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