THE ICEHOTEL – A Business Case for Aspiring & Young Entrepreneurs


icehotelIn case you haven’t heard of this, this is Icehotel.

It is one of the greatest pieces of art work in the entire planet.

Icehotel is a hotel located in a certain village known as Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden.

This hotel you see here is built with 100% ice and it is rebuilt every year.

Now, this is the story.

Sometime in 1989, a group of Japanese ice artists visited the area and while they were, they created an exhibition of ice art and they left.

The next year, a certain French artist organized an exhibition in the area and that night there were no rooms for visitors to sleep.

It was so uncomfortable that they had to look for an igloo and slept in it.

That is how the idea of a hotel built with total ice was birthed in 1990.

The beds in this hotel are made of ice, the toilets are ice, the glasses are made of ice, the chairs made of ice, everything made of ice.

Today, this hotel has over 100 rooms, attracts thousands of visitors each year around the world, and bring in tons and tons of revenue for the Swedish people.

Look guys….

The day you called yourself an entrepreneur, that’s the very day you lost your right to complain like the original man in the midst of problems.

Entrepreneurs don’t complain; we take simply advantage.

While others are complaining about the presence or absence of a matter, an entrepreneur looks for ways to take advantage of and within the matter.

The case study of Icehotel is a poster-child example of what it means to function like a true entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs don’t hold an ordinary sight.

While others saw a cold and uncomfortable space, an entrepreneur saw a profitable hotel built with ice and snow.

That thing that is giving you sleepless nights holds the key to unlocking a vast wealth if you choose to rise to the challenge and take advantage.

So as you step out today, challenge yourself to see differently.

Train your eyesight.

There is money in discomfort.

So while others are complaining, simply look for ways to monetize.

That’s why you are called an entrepreneur.

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu

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