The Dilemma of A True Lover of Nigeria


When I was criticising GEJ’s failure, some small minded people accused me of being paid. When I was making excuses for PMB, some small minded people also accused me of being paid. Now that am holding PMB to perform, another group of small minds are accusing me of being paid.

Wait ooo… What exactly is wrong with we black people? So people can’t stand up for something they believe in, in the black society without being accused cheaply? Do we really know we are in the 21st century and the world has left us behind?

What a country! What a people!!

Listen, my friend, the fact that you choose to be cheap and you obviously lack personal values and integrity doesn’t mean you should accuse everyone you see on social media as paid agents. Some people you read here have thriving businesses and are employers of labor in this country, but we still invest part of our time to talk about Nigeria just because of our love and passion for the country.

Probably, some people are being paid, but there are some of us here who can’t reduce ourselves to such nonsense. If you can’t live beyond yourself then you have not started living. If you only think prosperity rather than posterity, then you will not live beyond your time on earth.

Only cheap people who lack personal values think everyone else is as cheap as them. Go and develop yourself, change your mindset and have some to live and die for.

I was almost going to deactivate my facebook page and stop talking about this country, but during my prayer time this morning, the Holy Spirit told me that this is exactly what they want. They want to deploy all tactic to silence all the people who speak the truth in the country so that lies will permeate.

It must have been really tough for the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Park, even our Lord Jesus Christ. but I thank God they all ran a good race and finished well. we will finish well too and posterity will remember us for good just like posterity remembers those who lived and rn this race before us.
– Ugo Chikezie

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