Tekno Made Up With With Danfo Drivers Over Jogodo


Slim Daddy & Pana crooner, Alhaji Tekno has settled the issue between him & Ajegunle duo, Danfo Driver over song theft.

The issue begins after a video was posted on the internet on 8th of May when a video surfaced displaying Danfo Driver attacking Tekno of stealing their song with his latest jam, Jogodo.

According to them, Tekno should have asked for their should’ve sought for their permit before dishing out the song or even talk about a collaboration with them on the song, than releasing it only.

After Tekno got the video he has went ahead to do the rightful, meeting up & settled the matter with Danfo Drivers as they were spotted together in a photo posted on instagram. linking up and resolving the issue with Danfo Drivers as they were seen pictured together on Instagram. They looked happy in the photos which suggested is either that is either a royalty has been paid or they gonna work on Jogodo remix. Tekno captioned the photo as “SlimDanfo”

Whatsoever the result is, Tekno warrant some accolades for tackling this issue before it moves faster & gets any dirtier. Tekno has display to us over the year that he does not like any negative publicity & he always do the needful immediately to close such down. An example is the issue he had with wizkid on twitter where even after the bad words thrown at him by wizkid he did not display that there is an issue rather he apologized immediately and stop all negative vibes that come with it.

This act of resolving with Danfo Drivers alone has expanded Tekno’s prestige in the eyes of many as colleagues & veterans in the industry applaud the act with thumbs up & respect.

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