Tekno Didn’t Steal Your Song Danfo Drivers To Prof Linkin


The duo of Danfo Drivers have responded to the claims by Prof Linkin that Tekno stole his 2003 song “Jogodo“.

It could be recalled this year that Tekno released a song “Jogodo” of which sampled Danfo Drivers‘ yesteryears hit song “Kpolongo”. Singer Prof Linkin also claimed he created the word “Jodogo” and Tekno was guilty of stealing his song.

Mountain Black speaking to Sunday Beats on behalf of Danfo Drivers rubbished Prof Linkin’ agitation of song theft. He also reaffirmed that they never received money from Tekno as settlement for “Jogodo”.

“People like to say whatever they like. If I had collected money from Tekno, he would have revealed it. We have forgiven him and I made it clear to everyone. He is our boy; he sees us as role models. We looked at the bigger picture. We wanted to work with him as a brother; the new song will be released soon,” he said.

Again he urged Prof Linkin to move on and make new music to stay relevant.

“When people listened to Tekno’s Jogodo, who did they say sang it? If you hear the lyrics of Tekno’s song, you don’t need anyone to tell you that it is the remake of our song. He has no rights to fight Tekno. He should go to the studio and record new songs for him to remain relevant; he should not be after what Tekno will give him. We started music before he did. How many people know his song, Jogodo? We didn’t even start the fight with Tekno ourselves, fans did.”

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