South African Rapper Nasty C Hopes To Return To School Soon


Nasty C - Bless The BoothRaving rapper Nasty C has made talks about returning to school some day. The ‘Strings and Bling’ rapper said this while granting an interview.

Nasty C told Times Live the following during his interview.

“It’s been three almost four years without school or a teacher forcing me to read‚ to had to take the initiative myself. However‚ I do plan on going back‚ I just need to find something that I really wanna study. I don’t wanna go back for the sake of going back.” 

The rapper also revealed he didn’t have to see counsel from older colleagues before making a decision. “I finished high school and and I didn’t go back to school so if I didn’t start reading‚ like by myself‚ I’d be dumb‚” he said.

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