Sinzu Educate Against Fraud – “Prison Is Not A Place To be At”


Rapper Sinzu is releasing out some piece of advice to everyone out there who cares to listen. Sinzu who was just released from prision has advised Nigerian youths to shield away from fraudulent activities, internet scam etc.

The rapper who served a 20-month prison sentence, for involving in fraud & was just released some months back. While out Sinzu acknowledged that he actually did commit the crime he was sentenced for. He said prison time allowed him time to write over 300 songs.

The “E Don Dey Madt” crooner during an interview, said engaging in internet scam, credit card fraud & other online scam is not good & the repercussion are very unpleasant, he disclosed that he would not wish anyone to be in prision because the disciplinary facility is not a good place to discover yourself, locked out from family, friends & loved ones.

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