Shut Up [Must Read]


Shut UpThe real problem with the word ‘shut up’ is the different variations it has. This has caused more Wahala than the APC-PDP brouhaha.

The ‘shut up’ your babe tells you is totally different from the one your mum tells you.

The one from your babe is quite romantic and sexy, and sometimes comes along with a little rubbing of your head or cheeks or beards. This kind of ‘shut up’ brings out the foolishness in you.

The one from your mother is more direct. It most times has a prefix, which is ‘my friend’. So it most times comes as ‘my friend, shut up’. This type doesn’t joke. It brings out the wisdom in you.

As if it doesn’t end there, some people will say ‘sharap’. Beware of these people. They are always angry.

Others go further and say ‘sharaaaap’. These ones are frustrated, run away from them. Don’t let them infect you with their badluck.

The worst are the people who call is ‘shorrop’. In this case, they can also mean ‘shurrup’. These people are kidnappers. Flee, I say, flee! They can steal your destiny. You wanted to become a Doctor before, you’ll just see yourself doing Kabu-kabu!

And finally, there are the real MVPs. The ones that say ‘shetup’. I doff my hat in respect for these ones.

I am still the Chairman!

Written by Akan Imoh

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