Seyi Afeni – Lowowo (With Ease) [New Song]


Get this new song from Seyi Afeni – Lowowo (With Ease).

Singer, Seyi Afeni discharges his introduction song, Loworo which signifies ‘With Ease’ in Yoruba lingo.

Talking on the message behind the rousing piece, He said;

“When life presses and things feel stressed, when problems overwhelm, and hardships come our way, our focus gets blurred. We somehow start to believe that it all depends on us.”

“Like maybe we blew it, messed up and got ourselves off the course from the road to success. We spin our wheels trying to find a fast way out of difficulty”

“…after trying to do things your way severally with no success story, you decide to do God’s will and everything starts to work out with ease (Loworo)” – Seyi Afeni

Download Seyi Afeni – Lowowo (With Ease)

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