Sean Tizzle’s Sonic Viscosity Is One Of A Kind, “Where You Been EP” Review


Sean Tizzle’s “Where You Been” EP, is a project that substantially surprises Tizzle’s detractors, and perhaps his core listeners; he took them to a place like a museum in my imagination that houses beautiful self-made artifacts of his art that he carefully refurnished and called in-his core fans to witness and left detractors as he awes them unapologetically.

Moving Forward EP” in 2017, was Sean Tizzle’s laid-back project that almost generally accompanied outstanding features in the delivery of the classic African pop records.

Sean Tizzle fast-tracked from 2017 to 2021 as he delivered 2-Extended Play in which his most recent project dives in-between “Moving Forward EP” and his debut studio album, “The Journey” in 2014.

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Where You Been” to me, is like a minimal exposure of Tizzle’s sonic viscosity that levels on a higher standard of his art as he initiates us into this part of himself.

He featured the popular iconic, American Grammy award-winning musician, Wyclef Jean, and they created wholesome treat, served fully relishing.

Well, Sean Tizzle has been steadfast in rooting outright song singles consistently that has kept his fans bond together, from his powerful stand-alone sweet song in 2018 titled, “Pempe”, he continually dished even more until now; he brings fans to a point where they deserve the surprise that came through almost the 5-track which submerges deep sonic viscosity and perfectly blends in and earns him a good remark.

Njeri & Madison”, is the opener track in the project; it came offering a profession from Sarah Tobi, who earned a special feature from Sean Tizzle for the 27secs interlude that came and sounded really like a Stan’s character.

She said, “I see you in my thoughts and dreams/I fall asleep to your music/I make love to your music/Please never stop singing my love/Even though you are far away your music holds me down/Your love!”

She ends the profession and, Tizzle took us to climax singing for his love, his special woman in “Know Me”, track 2 where he seemed to sing his special song and hopes she knows him more.

Sean Tizzle at this point didn’t depict much innovation reeling from his randomly created records as track two really wasn’t fully an exceptional record, but drowned in his latter creations; though it had much unique sonic structure that wasn’t refuting sweet melody, the Afro-centric chord and synths cutting in between.

For Me” was very exceptional, perhaps Wyclef Jean’s influence was almost overshadowing Sean Tizzle’s flavor but for the sake of their unionism that means a one-word “chemistry”, for it can’t be misplaced ever.

For Me”, is strong and very exceptional that it came to be my favorite track.

The beauty is savor and bliss.

Wyclef is a pure genius, he proved iconic ones more after all these years and Tizzle embodied an excellent delivery alongside and the creation was very remarkable.

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Chargie” scaled through but almost fell flat to Tizzle’s random record creations, although it wasn’t a bad song it was close to exceptional like the previous track killed it and turned into my instant favorite song! “Coke Bottle” was a point of closure that represented apt activity.

I love this spot actually and I’d say it was very exceptional.

“Wine am for me with your coke bottle/Go down with your coke bottle” Sean Tizzle blends into the striking dancehall rhythm with his distinctive chorus that played coolly exceptional; as every listener that comes to this point of this project would leave happiness and their special appraisal for Tizzle’s Genuity in between.

Final Thoughts

Sean Tizzle surprised me on this project; perhaps not me alone but his core listeners who are used to digesting his songs deeply.

This project leaves me close to fantasying more than love for few songs in the project and I won’t be wrong to leave appraisal saying, “This is literally the best Sean Tizzle’s EP since his 2017 “Moving Forward EP” as few tracks left Sean Tizzle’s random record spaces to become very exceptional. This is the Best!”


Cohesion: 3/5
Sonic Excellence: 3/5
Deliveries: 4/5
Song Writing/Lyrics: 3/5
Overall: 7/10

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