Rick Ross Net Worth in Dollars (2019)


Here’s Rick Ross Net Worth in Dollars (2019) – Whenever the United States decides to brag and flaunt their rich crop of hip-pop and rap artists, one rap act whose identity will never be found wanting on the list is Rick Ross.

rick ross net worth
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Born in 1976 as Williams Leonard Roberts 11,  in clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S, Rick Ross (stage name) is an American rapper and songwriter.

For an occupation, he has rapping to call his job and lives by the financial returns it produces.

Rick Ross net worth was built on the wealth acquired via rap music.

He started in 2000, with a little of his legendary mustache in contrast to the beard gang clique he leads presently.

Having been active for a decade and eight years, he has firmly rooted his stand as one of America’s biggest and richest rappers. He’s often referred to as the “Hottest MC in the game”.

Rick Ross who was one of the first acts to be signed by P-Diddy’s label imprint Ciroc Nation is now the founder and CEO of May Bach records.

The Net Worth of the acclaimed rapper can be traced to well, just the music he does first and then a paucity of other sources inclusive which contributes a negligible sum to the size of his coffers.

How he makes a net worth worthy of publicity

rick ross net worth 2018

Music (Album Sales, Tours, Maybach and Performances)

Having sold an enormous sum of albums worldwide, it’s safe to say the sales from these progenies of his musical prodigy raked in huge bucks for his hardwork.

He reportedly earned $13 million in 2017 from just albums alone.

In 2016, he reaped $10 million from doing music and collaborations across the world.

On an average, excluding these mega years where things got pretty much incredible, he earns approximately $7.5 million per year.

And as for his presence in shows where is he billed to thrill the audience which he never falls short in prime delivery, that goes for about a $100,000 per show.

Do your sums according to the number of stages he graces annually and get a wow!

The tours are not left out of the mix, he’s gone on a handful of world music tour with his Maybach Music Group and they all recorded feats of successes.

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Also, being the CEO of Maybach Music Group is a sublime position, with Wale and Meek Mill signed into the group.

A little of Business

Really, Ross is a tenacious man, having being immersed in various controversies, being slammed with plenty of lawsuits and did some time in detentions including a house arrest, he’s still soaring high up the music ladder and even had time and bucks to invest in business.

As of 2017, Ross was a proud owner of a host of varied Wingstop restaurant locations.

Rick Ross Net Worth

Despite being ravaged by all sorts of misfortunes and being convicted for some illegal engagements, one would think he’s fame and relevance would have waned tremendously, but quite surprisingly, he still manages to worth a staggering estimated $40 million in Net Worth.

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