REVIEW: Davido Makes Amapiano Experiment Alongside CKay, Who Perfects The Experiment


La La” is a vibe, and CKay’s embellishments on the song savored its great taste; he rendered the record to an appealing height with his pristine hook whereas Davido’s take was formed nicely and was all about enhancing the vibe with his verses likened to an experiment with his vocal ability and lyricism to deliver perfectly on Amapiano on a joint with Ckay, who understands how to distinguish records with perfecting the hook & chorus.

His vocals are glorious. I understood how the record relaxes to be much of an enticing collection with CKay’s chorus and his hook that never refutes exceptionality, and so I requested my friends take on the song and he confessed to greatly love it for the sake of CKay’s delivery, I asked for the reason why and my friend, Jerry said, “Oboy, CKay vocal lovely and it captures you entirely,” He said, “CKay’s vocal especially makes you understand the whole essence of the record, one has to love the song for CKay’s sake not because he is bigger than Davido, but from his delivery standpoint, most definitely and creating a bigger picture for the essence to last long and entice.” He concludes.

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La La” could be an exceptional Amapiano duet for the sake of accompanying certain unique sonic structures like the bass guitar that hits on Davido’s pulse differently, and it makes his great love for the beat intense as he laid an express affection for the sonic experience from the start of his delivery.

He loves so well and he couldn’t deny it, and the song seemed experimental.

I understand how the track becomes a moment of experimentation at Davido’s pace where he lacked a great deal of seriousness like on his most exceptional finish on Focalistic’s Amapiano duet entitled, “Ke Star” remix, where he showed and how he took everything so seriously on both the song and music video, it was a very beautiful joint, and now to precede on his record between himself & CKay was very experimental and wasn’t taken that ardently.

Though it sounded beautiful attached with a very playful attitude, and however, “La La” is good music mostly for the sake of CKay because there was great chemistry, indeed.

La La” is a very distinctive theme carved from nursery children’s rhyme but that this particular theme and its essence hold description about a girl Davido lusts after as it seemed like the one at first sight because he couldn’t escape her twist laid from her lovely body shape (her figure eight) and the fullness of her sexiness that made him (Davido) lay back to shoot her his shot immediately, it sounded very playful.

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CKay’s take is proof that he pays close attention to create songs ardently because the record became very exceptional for his delivery’s sake which was at an appealing peak and was best with him, his effort on this record depict and serves as a stocked addictive sedative that comes from his pristine hook and the strong chorus which perfects the experimentation of Davido’s creation to a point of the records chemistry. It is good. LISTEN TO: Davido – La La ft CKay Here!

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