Puff Daddy Net Worth – What you must know (2019)

puff daddy net worth

Here is Puff Daddy net worth – What you must know (2019). Born Sean John Combs in New York, 1969, Puff Daddy largely known as P-Diddy is an American singer, rapper, actor and businessman, perhaps one of the most sung celebrity entrepreneurs New York has even known.

‘Diddy’ for short, ditched his college degree to pursue a career in music.

That move gave birth to Bad Boy Records in 1993, and from thence, something big and phenomenal in the world of music hit New York and the forced vibration affected the world at large.

Sean Diddy has multiple sources of wealth, as he keeps diversifying just like his occasional change of monickers.

He is an entrepreneur par excellence, one who wouldn’t rely on just music for bucks.

Diddy has been named Forbes wealthiest hip hop artists in 2017, as has constantly remained in Forbes first five wealthiest list of hip hop acts.

Let’s take a look at the sources of Diddy’s avalanche wealth base.


Well, almost every famed name in the venture called music, presumably, as a matter of necessity owns or co-owns a record label with artists signed unto it.

These label is not just for the glitz and glamour, it’s also for the bucks that comes in the after the official launch.

In 1993 after being sent packing by Uptown records where he got his start, Puff Daddy founded Bad Boy Records, taking Notorious B.I.G into the starting fold.

Diddy rakes in wealth from his label in no pinched measure, let’s face it! Having Mary J Blige and Usher signed into your record label is really some big stuff.


In a move to sky rocket sales by riding on a famed name, Ciroc Vodka approached P-Diddy for a deal in 2007 that will see him promote the brand for a mouth-watering 50% of the profits.

Diddy accepted the wooing with a yes and today the rest is history.

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Diddy enjoys a major stake in the multimedia outfit Revolt TV.

The television network kicked off broadcasting in 2014 and is now in the act of film production.


Obviously inspired by a zest for fashion, P-Diddy launched his clothing line in 1998, basically starting with sportswear before generalizing to male, female and children clothings and even perfumes.

Diddy has once revelled in a $500 million annual sale fortune from this venture.


In 2008, Sean Diddy bought Enyce clothing line from it’s owner Liz Claiborne for a give away price of $20 million relative to the $100 million it was purchased.

You thought one clothing line was enough for him? You’re wrong.

No wonder Fortune magazine listed Sean Combs at number twelve on their top 40 entrepreneurs under 40 in 2002.

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The rapper owns two restuarants named after his son “Justin”.

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In 2015, Diddy’s love for diversification further manifested when he partnered with actor Mark Wahlberg and businessman Ronald Burkle of Yucaipa Companies to purchase a major stake in Aquahydrate, a beverage drink for sportsmen, void of alcohol and calorie.

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