How to Plan a Birthday Party: 9 Steps


How to Plan a Birthday PartyPlanning a birthday party should not really be a big deal if you plan ahead of time.

The reason why some parties or get together don’t go so well is simply because of lack of planning.

Are you looking to have the party of the year, if yes then here are a few tips to help you out:

Get Your List

A party would not be a party if people do not grace the occasion, right?

So you would want to prepare a list of all those you would want at your party.

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Once you have that list, informing them about it would not be a problem.

But do not send an invite yet because there are other things you need to consider before doing that.

Just keep it!

Get a Caterer

Your refreshments (food and drinks) have to be on point.

So do a sampling of varieties of food in order to choose who you’ll want to cater to your event.

Or better still you can get a referral from a friend on a good caterer.

Ensure you get an adequate supply of drinks to be it alcohol or soft drinks or water.

You can plan based on the number of people you want to invite although you may want to have extras because people may turn up more than you expected.

Be Open to Varieties

Aside from getting drinks and food.

It would be nice to also make preparations for small chops.

Small chops like puff puff, samosa, spring rolls, meat balls, etc.

It will add spice to your party I tell you.

Who Will Bake Your Cake?

The highlight of any birthday party is the cake.

Whether the party is for an adult or a kid, you definitely need a cake or cakes.

What makes a cake worthy is its taste and design.

You will have to ensure you get someone who therefore has a good mastery of cake making and crafting in order for your occasion to be graceful.


Do not forget your decorations. Get an event planner to make your venue look presentable.

Get a DJ

Music makes any atmosphere interesting so preparing for an artistic DJ (someone who can give a good mix) will be of top most priority.

You do not want people feeling bored at your party, do you?

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If you do not want a DJ, you can opt for a live band which will give a different feel to the whole event.

Get an Organiser

Since it’s your day you might not be able to run around to ensure everything is in place so having someone that can effectively see that all is in order would be ideal.

Let him/her be in charge of the organization of the whole event and ensure that invited guests are satisfied.

Get a Photographer

Memories last longer when they are captured so preparing for an experienced photographer would come in handy.

Get a Comedian

A comedian will certainly ease any tension and add more life to the event.

But get one that is really funny so people will laugh.

If all these are in place, I am very sure you’ll have a swell party.

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