PITA – Jesus is Lord [SONG]


Get this new song from PITA – Jesus is Lord.

PITA is no more odd to the Gospel Music industry and despite the fact that he backed off on appearances over the most recent 2 years to chip away at another destined to be discharged endeavor, PITA has been taking a shot at a collection that is without a doubt worth the pause.

JESUS IS LORD is a mixture of two well known religious tunes that have been a gift to him and people around Him. To praise the demise and restoration of Jesus Christ, teamPITA recorded a free lively redo of melodies we definitely know, discharging the name of JESUS into the environment.

Created by the head of music for teamPITA, Abiola Taiwo this melodies are a testiment of the uncontroversial truth that JESUS IS LORD. Be honored.

Listen & download PITA – Jesus is Lord below.

Download Here

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