Our Take On Masterkraft’s ‘Funny’ Outfit To Banky W and Adesua’s Wedding


MasterKraft #BAAD2017I have learned a little about being in public life to understand that yes, you’re addressed the way you’re dressed. This is a fact and the earlier you begin to accept this and imbibe It, the better for you. Especially if you have public life ambitions.

You see that cloth MasterKraft wore to #BAAD2017, honestly, there’s nothing nothing wrong with it. But, it was out of place. The dude also lacked the charisma to rock the look. He ended up looking like a poor man among rich people. His stylist (that’s if he has one) failed him badly.

For those in the public space, this is simply the life. Flamboyance is part of this thing. You can’t afford to go to an event looking simple. You must learn the art of capturing attention. This is what will make you stay in the minds of people.

There are rules that guide these things. Like for example, you don’t ever repeat your clothes. You see that Ebuka’s agbada, it will suffer and die in the wardrobe. He might be able to wear it again, but, probably not to a place where there would be cameras. Because if his picture appears on blogs wearing that cloth to another event, you know your people na. Nigerians would eat him.MasterKraft

If you’re in the public space, get your personal fashion designer. Know what fits you. Know your body shape. Follow fashion blogs/magazines/handles. This is part of the job. Don’t go to events looking like a poor man. Learn how to rock red carpets.

When you’re dressed well, you’ll have more confidence. Now can you just imagine, just think it in your head, how it would have been for Masterkraft to roll and parley with them other boys who wore flowing agbada. Just think it oo.

Shoes too! Its time to begin to invest in shoes. Quality ones ooo. And wristwatches. And belts. Haaaa. Its not easy ooo. Ehn, who send you to want to be a celeb. Lolz. Don’t spend all your life savings on looking good. Just be wise about it. Understand that you have to look good. You have to appear well, but, you might not have so much money to throw around. That’s why yoh need to be wise about it.

You don’t need to buy big brands and big names. Some of these our local tailors would do magic for you. Get one, treat him well and life is good.

Written by Akan Imoh

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