Only In My Country



We watch soundless videos and make seasons series with them. Now I hear that there is a sequel.

We celebrate budget presentation as though it were execution.

We don’t pay tithes but we must complain about how the funds are expended. Pontificating and demonizing pastors that we do not know. Ironically, we pay taxes and have no clue where the money goes, but have held no one accountable. We are not even asking questions.

Worse still, we have branded ourselves. We are no longer allowed to have opinions, we are either ‘wailers’ or ‘hailers’. Able bodied men and women have made it a full time job to post subs and shades; something we were too mature to do in secondary school. People block and curse friends and family over politicians that we only see on TV.

I am just here watching, and waiting for the shift that we all desire. Sometimes I wonder who I am fooling when I say Telemundo reduces my brain functionality. Shouldn’t I just find time to watch it? Sigh….

When we are ready to sanitize this country, the quality of our conversations will change.

Really, it will…..

– Olufunke Olaofe Isichei

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