One of The Major Lies That is Sold About Marriage


One of the major lies that is sold about marriage is that its all about patience…! Please recent and upcoming couples, don’t fall for it, unnecessary patience is a time bomb waiting to explode.Signs She Doesn't Love You

Communication and understanding each other goes a long way in solidifying a marriage, patience will naturally fall in when these two are in place.

You can not be patient if you don’t understand why your spouse is behaving the way he/she behaves and refuse to talk about it. When we don’t talk, we give room for suspicion, doubts and the devil to fill up our mind.

Ladies, it is also bad when your face is all moody and when asked whats up? You say nothing or you don’t know what is wrong with you. In plain terms, it just means you are not comfortable sharing or you don’t trust the person asking.

Also, don’t use other Lives or marriages as a yardstick to measure yours, that is a recipe for disaster. You have no idea what the makeup or smiley face is battling with!

So my brother/sister, next time you are told to be patient, take it as taking time to understand and talk to each other, and not keeping quite foolishly, only to explode (or implode) when it is absolutely unnecessary and no one will reason with you.

Written by Abubakar Siddiq Ango

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