OgaBrave – ‘Baba’ (SONG) | @ogabrave


Get this new song from OgaBrave – ‘Baba’.

Agbede Kelvin Ikponwosa (ogabrave) is a music maker and music mentor. He hails from Ikoro town, Ovia North-east neighborhood government in Edo state and dwells in Benin city.

He’s a talented artist who found his adoration and energy for music at a youthful age in chapel and begun by playing one of Nigerians cadenced melodic instrument called “conga.

His voyage in music has been dynamic as he currently plays 3 melodic instruments “Console, low pitch guitar and drums and has figured out how to line up with “genuine north by binds music to his motivation as an unfortunate obligation.

As indicated by him, his most recent song “Baba… the one in charge. Was birthed out of a quest to find African black magic powers (juju). In the journey I had an encounter that made me realize that JESUS Christ is the only way that leads to the Father, GOD. And His presence in our lives drives away darkness and gives the atmost peace and Joy that we really seek… JESUS na You be #Baba”. – OgaBrave

Listen & download OgaBrave – ‘Baba’ below.


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