Nigerians Are Kicking Out DSTV on The Promise of Something Called TSTV


Just a promise. That is, again, another stretch of our remarkable stupidity.

They talk about Glo and how Glo “fixed” MTN. Ask them if they are customers of Glo and how Glo has fared providing data service.

Ask them what happened to another hyped cable experience, the one they called HiTV, where I worked briefly and police men came to end our morning show, locked the premises for igbese as heavy as your favourite ikebe.

I can’t fathom how people can be so sold on mass hysteria. It’s a jungle every single time something new shows up. Like living in a cave and going mad when you come out to see the sun. What is this madness?!

DSTV can survive alongside TSTV, MSTV, KSTV, LSTV or any TV that thinks it can compete and survive in Nigeria. We are 200 million people for chrissake! The idea is not to kick one out and let another in. America is 300 million people and every service is provided in one hundred thousand brands and ways.

Welcome TSTV, but what’s this shit behaviour of trolling DSTV, mocking them and turning their dish to fry pan? Which brand are you welcoming with so much fanfare? A brand you are yet to put to test in this impossible country?

So DSTV is expensive. We allowed them to be because not one of us could bring a proudly Nigerian cable station that could truly rival DSTV. Not one individual in a country of 200 million people. You should be ashamed. If I were DSTV I will milk that monopoly until you all bleed green. Which smart business wouldn’t do that when it looks left and right and finds that they are providing to a bunch of consumers who just like to eat and fart?

DSTV has survived all the other tinnie-winnie cable braggarts., because there’s room for everyone in a country with population explosion like Nigeria. And even if they close shop now, which will not happen, they still have won.

I am not moving a muscle to grab at any new satellite TV offer. I will be with DSTV another year. I worked at HiTV and I didn’t even have its decoder. That was how certain I was that DSTV will survive whatever shortcoming it suffered when HiTV got the license to air premiere league (especially after constantly reading on the frivolities of the HiTV owner).

What we should be happy about is the price cut that will eventually happen to DSTV. Which is inevitable. That’s all.

Ah! But this cheap trolling and mass hysteria is just too much like monkeys screaming just for the heck of it. It’s too much noise for something that may or may not survive Nigeria. The fact that it survived all the countries you gallantly mention does not in anyway suggest it will survive this country with zero amenities.

Stop being such animals about basic needs. – By Joy Isi Bewaji

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