I Never Dated John Dumelo – Ghanaian Actress, Joselyn Dumas


Following reports flooding everywhere that the curvy Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas confirmed rumors that she was once in a romantic relationship with John Dumelo, she denied ever making the statement.

This drama is as a result of an interview with Abeiku Santana on his TV show titled ATUU. Joselyn released a statement saying that the interviewed was directed in a way to show what the directors wanted the public to see and know.

During the interview, the actress mentioned that she and John Dumelo never dated and they only got close after they were in about 3 consecutive movies. And, this made them become very good friends.

While responding to Abeiku’s question she said, “I never dated John Dumelo. I didn’t have a crush on John Dumelo. However, I got fond of him. He became my very good friend. We were friends, he liked me and I also liked him and that was it.”

Joselyn Dumas went on to say that issues like this are what has prompted herself and some of her colleagues to refuse being interviewed so that they are not misrepresented.

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