“My sickness vanished when Pastor David Ibiyeomie touched me” – Kemi Olunloyo


kemiDubious Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo has uncovered on her IG page, that she met with Christ in Port Harcourt, in the congregation pastored by her one time adversary Pastor David Ibiyeomie – The reason she has turned into a regular visitor in Port Harcourt jail.

The well known blogger who just escaped jail the third time in succession, said she strolled into Salvation Ministries yesterday after her evening mass, and she experienced the Kingdom of God like no other.

She asked for to meet with the General Overseer, Pastor David Ibiyeomie after the administration and she was introduced the holding up room and thus prompted see the pastor.

“I am never leaving Port Harcourt, I begin serving the Lord here… “ she stated, including that God is for sure brilliant to have influenced her a priest to out of Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the minister she once ‘mistreated’!

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She wrote:

“Pastor @david_ibiyeomie officially helps me SURRENDER MY LIFE TO #JESUS”

“Yesterday Tuesday 16th of January 2018 marked 7 days I left #Portharcourt prison. Been doing outdoor therapy as instructed by my psychotherapist. Venturing out safely into neighborhoods which I’ve been doing as part of my treatment of depression.”

“I normally go to 3pm prayers at the Catholic church down the street to get spiritual energy. Last night, I decided to go to New GRA to worship at #Salvationministries. I walked into the kingdom of God like no other.”

“This church was very different. I was lifted! They were having 4.30pm prayers after a 21 day fast. I joined them in an energized service in a God anointed mega church. I ate communion and drank wine. The Lord was everywhere!”

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“After service I asked security personnel to meet Pastor Ibiyeomie privately in his office to pray for me. The men in black suits took me to a waiting room and then asked me to come in. There were 5 pastors in the room watching. Two were my prosecuting lawyers, then I walked up to him telling him I was the one he locked up in prison! I knelt down and he grabbed my hands. Suddenly my all day asthma wheezing and migraine vanished! He had divine powers of some kind. He prayed for me, told me he had FORGIVEN ME long time ago and repeated it in front of me again. I told him I was not bitter and have forgiven him too. I have decided to serve God and it will be through Salvation Ministries and him.”

“Pray that the holy spirit transforms #DavidIbiyeomie into a greater realm of sensitivity, revelation, and divine direction that will give birth to manifestation of the holy spirit in time for next week 22nd-26th January 2018 when he invited me for his #5NOG 5 nights of glory. He says miracles happen during that week.”

“My miracles started last night. I will give my compelling TESTIMONY soon. I am never leaving PH again.”

“I begin serving the Lord here working in his church and will stoop to conquer flying my flags with Jesus here at Salvation Ministries. The Home of Success! See you next week at 5 NIGHTS OF GLORY!! Isn’t God wonderful? ?⛪? OluKemi Olunloyo @hnnafrica”

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    Ralp-the heavily graced-Ani

    Wao! Who says miracles don’t happen anymore. You see the power of forgiveness? It breaks the most hardened heart. In the end, the devil is put to shame.

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