Mr Eazi Wins Best Of Africa Award


Singer Mr. Eazi has received a reward for being among the oustanding humanitarian for being one of the best in Africa for his philanthropic works over Africa.

This was made known by Mr Eazi himself on his instagram handle saying he is being rewarded for his good work and his made possible with his latest single Pour Me Water, praising his fans for downloading the song and dedicate the award to them.

He said;

“Guys last Night Alongside some Great African Minds we won the Best Of Africa ( @boa_awards) for our work with Building Wells Across Africa with #PourMewater Streams!! If you have streamed Pour Me WAter This Award is for You! #Happyboy#Lagostolondon

Best of Africa is an awards using to give tribute and recognised the humanitarian struggle & attainments of footballers of African background & while Mr. Eazi is not a footballer, we can undoubtedly certified to his Africanness.

Congrats Mr. Eazi!

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