#MotivationMonday – Belief System Session “Discipline is key”


Discipline is the hallmark of self-control. Who you are is always put to the test of discipline. #DeepThinking

It is said you don’t know an honest person just because he lacks opportunities to steal, but when he has opportunities to steal and knows he will not be caught yet doesn’t steal that is an honest person.

Honesty, integrity, transparency, and the likes are all honed skills when you are disciplined.

It is what will set you apart from the rest and place you among the best.

Anyone who lacks discipline is not ready for greatness.

With discipline, the word “NO” is a complete sentence.

Most people can claim to be anything but it is their discipline that makes all the difference.

It is what will produce grit in you.

There are many people who really have so much to offer but the discipline to become is what is making them fall short.

You can’t think greatness with small-mindedness but even after thinking greatness, you need to be dogged discipline to bring it to reality.

Imagine how great you can become if only you take discipline seriously.

Discipline is key and indiscipline is the lock.

There are things that must be sacrificed on the altar of discipline.

Discipline is a refining fire. It will refine who you are and who you become.

It is the discipline that will change things for you, earn you the respect, help you leave good behind and secure your future.

Two vital things missing in today’s society is discipline and values.

When you have both discipline and values, you become a shining star.

No one is born with discipline, it is a learned trait.

Three simple reasons why discipline is key

1) It brings order, peace, and fulfillment to your life.

2) It helps you know what to stop, what to start and what to learn

3) It guarantees and sustains your greatness.

Discipline is not the icing on the cake, it is the cake, without discipline you just have ingredients with no cake. #DeepThinking

Starting out to be disciplined is herculean but once it kicks in, your life runs on autopilot discipline. #R4HL

Most people’s Achilles heel is their lack of discipline.

When discipline is out of place, nothing else can fall in place.

It is the discipline that will keep you away from sin and sin will keep you away from discipline. – Osagie Alex

On the upgrade side of life, we don’t just know about discipline we practice discipline.

It is the discipline we practice that makes us experience the upgrade effect.

Lack of discipline reduces a lion to a puppy.

History is replete with examples that discipline is key.

Written by Osagie Alex – @wisdomcounselin

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