MI Abaga – The Viper (Letter To Vector)


download MI Abaga - The Viper (Letter To Vector)MI Abaga discharges another hit song after a lot of expectation by hip-pop fans for another single from the Chairman to Vector.

The brand new song is tagged “The Viper”, on this MI gave Vector Maturity as opposed to lashing him.

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He imparts to VEC how to be Success and turned into a Boss and join the Higher Authority.

MI said “Vector is just bitter because he did get a feature, but i still love him like a son”.

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The rapper assumes a caring job on this record and shared some astuteness to rapper, Vector.

Press play & download MI Abaga – The Viper (Letter To Vector) below.


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    Even me that he wasn’t dissing got life advice from the track.

    Let me go and read Psalm 1 first ?‍♂️?‍♂️

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      viper should come and beg me the prince before going to my father the king I was sleeping when my father told me that viper is talking to him and if I drop one for viper it will be a fire I know is Zach ius but viper GATS to honors him for who he is if viper want me go on Instagram young manrite

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    MI took the moral high road.

    If Vector replies MI, he looks like he’s a renegade/rebellious young chap looking to gain clout on MI’s name and if Vector doesn’t, he takes the L. It’s a win win for MI

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    That song shouldn’t have lasted 5 whole minutes na.
    The diss ended after the first verse, everything after that was just Child Abuse!

    Short people vex sha.
    Person throw you small stone you start pursue am with bazooka. Tueh!


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    This is too much for a diss track…

    Kept on quoting scriptures.

    You know MI is a son of a preacher, right?

    My guy took Vector to church. ….#TheViper

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    #theviper….. M.I Abaga……

    My mother has this saying anytime we crossed our boundaries with people older than us and we got beaten…..

    “O lo do toro ya dollar”…. You have gone to use a penny to borrow a dollar…. How do you want to pay back the loan…

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    Vector about to reply the CHAIRMAN with an incoming diss. THE PREACHERS SON is next. Vector teased baba with those distractions, I expect something energetic from VEC soon..

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    na who go settle d fight between VectorThaViper and MI Abaga or is all dis a strategy to sell hennesy and martell #TheViper

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    Mehn, this weekend has been lit o. From vanhack’s meet-up, to premier league drama, to ebuka’s new look tmrw and #TheViper. I don’t know how I am still breathing, my adrenaline has spiked though

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    You’re not even top 5 from Yorubaland Mode, Eldee, Bahdo, Dagrin, Remi, YCEE and Falz
    Omo see the queue

    When I’m the GOAT so tell me what I gain if me beat you?

    I rather me teach you, so you can reach

    Nah that will never happen #TheViper

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    if killer Tunes and Northboi wish to be on a diss, each should pick side to make beat for either MI Abaga or
    Vector #TheViper, let’s have collabo diss track before we decide who is best.

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    I think M. I changed the narrative.
    That’s not how to reply diss tracks.
    Unprofessional foul ni baba commit.
    We asked for bar-to-bar reply you come dey give us dem Oyedepo and Oyakhilome lines after almost a whole semester ?

    Propangada leleyi

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    you should fu**king shut up your traps honor my father for who he is not even for a track jealousy jealousy come and feed by jaloff rice I don’t have words for you just to be fill with holy christ if you looking for me just go on Instagram and ask for young manrite

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