Labode ARIYA – Turning Around for Me (ALBUM + VIDEOS)


Labode Ariya - Turning Around for Me (ALBUM)Don’t Miss Labode ARIYA’s New Album and Videos.

Labode ARIYA has just dropped his first official body of work for this year—an album titled Turning Around for Me.

Labode ARIYA, is a Gospel Minister, Musician, Music Producer and Promoter. Having started in the choir as far back as 1980, he is a multi talented Instrumentalist and music director. His songs are always Spirit lead with lyrical content focused on God’s words and Salvation. He says “I don’t want to be an Icon, I just want to be an Inspiration” so, may you be impacted and inspired by my music in Jesus Name.

“Turning around for me” CD project came to me unplanned and unexpected. I simply followed the Holy Spirit led instruction on our way to Church on that faithful day that said “Simply put all those songs together” and the rest is history. – said Labode ARIYA

Listen, download the album & watch the music videos off Labode ARIYA’s album below.

Listen to Labode ARIYA’s Turning Around for Me on Apple Music.

Listen to Labode ARIYA’s Turning Around for Me on Spotify.

Watch I Believe You Are The Mighty God ft. Bunmi Akinwumiju (Official Video).

Watch Made Up My Mind (Official Video).

Watch Ma a Polongo Re (Official Video).

Watch Holy Ghost Fire (Lyrics Video).

Watch Turning Around For Me ft. Bunmi Akinwumiju (Official Video).


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