Kings of Boys Movie Review by Lamilami Koschmann Content Man


Kings of BoysFirstly I am not trying to write a movie review but my conscience will not be free if I don’t express how I feel about the beautiful works of the entire production cast and crew of the 2018 movie of the year; KING OF BOYS.

Few seconds into the movie, say about less than 3 minutes max, anyone who is an action freak would’ve unconsciously sat upright like I did because I kind of suspected I may be in for an articulate but twisted movie show down, but trust me I still had my doubting Thomas mindset active ready to criticise slight production mistakes.

Completely sweeping me off my error finding expectations, the beginning of the King of Boys movie became spontaneously exciting, first 10 minutes is absolutely captivating with the infusion of Nigerianized master compere political hype and praises displayed by funny comedian Seyi Law, to the way they made the two familiar ladies(Eniola’s house party visitors) express their likes and dislikes or hate from the other lady if we all agree, hmm typical naija haters way smh.

The role of street goon Makanaki played by rapper Reminisce was perfectly complimented by the unsuspicious illbliss sharp ibo guy man orientation, I’ll call him the wild card – waiting to see what he becomes in an obvious part 2 they ain’t telling us about yet.

The entire action was fired up by Sola Sobowale the King(Oba) aka Evil, need I say more about her acting skills, you’d have to watch the movie to see her paranoid, cry a river and and make deceitful peace that will likely harm her opponents later on.

Trust me you would laugh your ass out if you got some flair for humour while carefully calling yourself back because you don’t want to miss a glimpse of the intriguing blockbuster.

Should I even mention the way the suspense in the movie captivated viewers expectation? Trust me KA hit a jackpot in the hearts of movie lovers with this one because me I am loving her already??.

Honestly I enjoyed watching because truly for the first time ever, I had my first full cinema movie experience without dozing off at least a little ?.

Like I couldn’t finish my popcorn because I didn’t want anything that will adulterate the taste of what I was watching, it was that sweet.

My beautiful sister haven’t be n in Nigeria for 14 years and she has been ringing in my ears “l want to see King if Boys”.

Yoooo, as in I had to drive her all the way to lekki from Opebi and on getting to #filmhouse the 8pm movie had been sold out so we had to patiently wait for 3hrs to see the movie by 11:10 till about almost 2:30 and our eyes didn’t blink throughout.

From the expression of the people coming outside alone, your heart would already be beating in excitement.

Geeez, I sat down with my sis and my partner to watch a Nigerian movie for almost 3hrs and all through this morning our dialogues have been centred around #KOBthemovie.

Abeg, please tell Kemi Adetiba take this film to the UK, if it’s possible a 3D version of it and of course you just have to ensure Naija people in Brooklyn, other boroughs of NY and the entire US/ diaspora get to see this masterpiece in a movie theatre style if possible.

I want to personally encourage anyone who truly would like to have a good Nigerian movie cinema time to plan a quick date before it runs out.

With an affordable 2k budget maybe an extra 1k for popcorn and a drink besides your must have to and fro Tfair sha oh, I promise you’ld have a swell time.

Nevertheless I wasn’t disappointed in the 1 or 2 correctable errors that I noticed in the movie, I’m talking about the part where the NCCC man inspector Gorbir hopefully I spelt it right, picked up the someone’s phone call while he was in the car after leaving his bosses house, anyone who watches with a broadcast content critic eye like mine would’ve seen that the android phone wasn’t on any call and this simple but as far as KOB the movie concern permit-table mistake was even more obvious when he repositioned the phone to the right ear.

Overall I ain’t going to front, this is a movie I would confidently boast to anyone that I enjoyed seeing at the Himax cinema.

Money well spent, cast and crew were absolutely awesome, from the corny attitude well played role of Aare, to the compromising NCCC boss that made th 500k call, then the beautiful Adesuwa who played Eniola’s counsel and daughter(makanaki se nkan se e ni), to the useless mummy’s spoiled boy wey no get respect for him sister but like fine girls thereby may have foolishly sold out his family info to Makanaki and finally the matching soundtracks, omg @kemiadetiba has don tremendously well and deserves all the hailings and support to get this movie to the highest places a good film should reach.

Lastly, I am happy to say I at least know one on one Oba’s dreadlocks bodyguard in real life ? so my guy TiTi Kuti am gonna be needing you to do me a favor pretty soon ?because e belike say I get one court case like that?.

Less I forget Eniola should make use of that BK nigga, he’s may become an asset to her domineering throne… abeg am tired or typing, let me go and continue the after movie gist with my Londoner sister and tune down this my mr review mode small, abi?.

#KOBseason #KOBfever King Of Boys best Nigerian Movie so far ??????.

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