Kanye West Net Worth in Dollars (2019)


Kanye West Net Worth 2018Here’s Kanye West Net Worth in Dollars (2019) – One of America’s most influential rappers is wrapped in a melanin popping skin and goes by the name Kanye West, with a couple of nicknames to add to his stylish ambience.

Born Kanye Omari West, 1977, Atlanta, Georgia, Kanye is an American rapper, singer cum songwriter, businessman, fashion designer and for the fame of it, the hubby to America’s most popular TV personality, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West net worth would amount to it’s prodigious nature in contemporary times when he began his journey to fame as a record producer after dropping out of college at age 20 on the dawn that school might just be barricade to his music success.

He began rapping quite early, but entered the music industry disguised as a producer.

He however stripped off that camouflage in 2004 with the launch of his debut album The college dropout and went ahead to establish his own record label GOOD MUSIC.

Perhaps, a hollywood movie can go by the title, “the making of college dropout icon” for his sake.

Kanye’s dropout album was nothing short of palmy, receiving critical acclaim and beaming the spotlight on him.

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From Music Career

All of West’s albums have been a major hit, receiving unprecedented acclaims from even music pundits and critics alike.

His songs have won him an avalanche of awards which we are thinking he should have a confined condo for them.

For the records, Kanye is the most awarded artist of all time, with 21 Grammy awards.

Having sold over 100 million digital downloads on his songs and 21 million album worldwide, Kanye West is one of the World’s best-selling artist of all time.

He also rakes in excesses of dollars when he goes on World music tours.

Kanye West Net Worth

From Fashion

Kanye West has a less conspicuous pipe connected to it from his fashion endeavors.

In 2009, a partnership with Nike saw Kanye flaunt his own shoes The Air Yeezy’s with subsequent versions coming after it.

His first shoe line came under Louis Vitton in the Paris Fashion Week same year.

Since he wasn’t done with Paris yet, the city of love fashion week saw two premieres from the rapper.

The first in 2011 for the women fashion label which he dubbed the DW KANYE WEST and the second in 2012.

From Business and Endorsements

Kanye’s attempt at business was largely a success.

He once owned some chains of restaurants around chicago called Fatburger, but sealed them up later.

As CEO of GOOD MUSIC he made some fortune out of it before handing over to Pusha T.

In 2012, he floated his own content creation company named after his mother Donda.

In June 2016, West partnered with Adidas to float his Yeezy season 1 collections featuring in basketball, football et al.

The deal was reportedly worth $10 million.

The Yeezy collection continued up to it’s fifth  season.

The Yeezy venture became palmy all around the U.S.

Kanye West net worth despite being ravaged by controversies, still stands at a staggering $160 million according to Forbes.

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