“I’ve left the level of Plenty Girls… 2018 is all about Teslim” – Vector Talks About Upcoming Album


Nigerian rapper, Vector tha Viper has disclosed that his music is pulling a grown turn to speak more about the affairs of life with smaller center on the girls & what they have.

This was disclosed in a discussion with the rapper who speak at long about his upcoming album, an album which is a homage to his late father, whose name was Teslim. This album is also a way of encouraging his fans that he still got it in him to entertain them but this moment he is encouraging them more, this time Vector is joining with his fans in an extensive level, showing them how much he has develop with them & comprehend their several struggles.

Speaking about Teslim, Vector said;

2018 is all about Teslim. Teslim is my new album that is droping soon. Teslim is my father’s name and being artistic it also means the energy still lives in me. This is me saying “Dad you’re gone but you’re not gone” and also telling my fans that I am still the Vector they’ve always loved, but now I’m even grown and better.”

Talking on, he speaks about thoughts that additionally impacted the album saying;

After my dad died, his phone rang and his ringtone was Adurah and when the phone rang it took me back to the recording of the song. It took me back to how I felt with the kind of music I made, how I was unperturbed about how people felt with the kind of lyrics, not concerned with who it appeals and not appeal to. I was just there with my mind, singng what i want and that is what Teslim is going to be.

The Teslim album is going to be music that has span from Day one till now. Music that has spanned from my experience as a rookie to my experience as a grown artiste in the industry. My experience as a boy to my experience as a man. This album will show my transition with the knowledge that everybody dies at the end of everything. So it wouldn’t matter at the end of the day what people are saying because we’ll all die. So I’m making the music on that level, but in a more mature way and that’s what the album is about.

My brain has been doing pushups with me thinking alot about myself. So I’m going through a mental process of “nakeding” myself to reveal as much truth as I can. Some of these truths I revealed in Gunshot which if listened to, you’ll know that this is how I genuinely feel about the issue. I’ve left the level of “plenty girls” in my song. Don’t get me twisted, I love women, but I can’t deal with the wahala. But guess what? If I’m talking about it now, I’ll say something like “I love women, but there’s a lot of trouble that comes with”. So it’s like dropping wisdom from my experience as my part of my lyrics.Teslim is all about who I was and who I’ve become in a newer level of depth.

Does this process involve moving from rap? Not actually… but Teslim is a rap album.

It’s not just going to be about rap even though it’s a rap album, it’s going to be me doing my thing and not caring about what the world thinks especially if their thoughts are negative, because, in the end, I won’t be here so it doesn’t really matter what they think. So why can’t I just do me and enjoy it? Why can’t I just say my truth and enjoy unburdening myself in my music…That’s all Teslim is about in 2018.”

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