I Invented “The ‘Alternative” – Brymo Declare


Talented award-winning singer-songwriter Brymo Olawale has disclosed that the latest genre everyone has come to take as “Alternative” was literally invented by him in 2013.

The artiste disclosed this on Instagram on the 6th of May where he said the genre was created invented by him to heal the ills of the mainstream, which means a music with little or no content or otherwise, popular(Pop) music.

He said;

In the Nigerian music scene, the ‘alternative’ was invented by me in 2013 as a cure to the ills of the mainstream, not to be a part of it.. to be ‘alternative’ means that the process of recording, performing, distributing and rating your work is different from the mainstream”

This proclamation is beginning to face a negative reaction from some fans who notwithstanding voice their love for the talented artiste & his skill, they believed they’re some other exceptional artistes that has been before him & gave Nigerians a flavour of the Alternative sound. While majority consider the likes Kris Okotie, Harry Moscow & Kris Mba should be accepted, some others brought the list closer to the new generation like Asa, Bez, & Nneka. But then again, there are a lot of people accepting this declaration hailing Brymo praising his contribution to the Nigerian music industry.

This clarification brings about the conversation of “What Alternative Music Really Is…” and also the question Simi asked at the NEClive 2018; “Alternative to what?” But going with Brymo’s post, it is directly saying an alternative to the popular mainstream music which deals more with sounds & people having a good time than art, which Alternative music in most instance, than not centre on.

But did Brymo truly INVENTED the Alternative genre?

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