iLLBliss Narrates How He Survived Childlessness Before He Got A Child


illbliss and daughterRapper iLLBliss aka Oga Boss chronicles how he managed to stay afloat over the years when he was childless.

According to the ’40 Feet Container’ crooner, he and his beloved wife were bereft of ideas while battling to have a child over the years. However, in 2017 the iLLBliss welcomed his first child a baby girl with his wife.

During an interview he stated that the experience was intense,  “It was intense my wife and I were childless for eight years and God just did it for us and gave us a baby at a point when we didn’t even know what to do next.

“We didn’t know how it was going to happen, we didn’t know what the problem was, we were just optimistic and prayerful about it”.

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