How to Write a Love Song (2020)


How to Write a Love Song (2020) – The universe is what we all have in common, but that isn’t the only thing we have in common.

Love is our mutual endowment, a feeling everyone has had at least once, even Hitler once fell in love with a Jewish girl and had a romantic relationship with her, well that was prior to his going rogue.

But the point is, love is the most common feeling in the universe and writing a song about it sells faster than water in a desert.

Most love songs have been reeled out all crappy and dry, making listeners want to hate love.

However, some love songs have captured the hearts of many, and made the concept of “love” feel so fresh in their hearts as they fall in love with love itself all over again.

Whenever any great love song is being sang and people go sobersided on it, it because it resonates with the ryhtmns of their hearts, it brings afresh memories of love and makes them relish those great moments.

It all boils down to the lyrics.

Every fine love song owes it’s credit to great reasonable and romantic lyrics born out of a heart that is really in love or at least have had a taste of it.

The lyrics carries the listeners along in a soul train to emotional heights and brings them down as the song dies out.

Well written lyrics is the key to every fantastic love song.

Now that we’ve known that lyrics is the key to unlocking super dope love songs, let’s delve into how to write a love song, before singing it out to the world.

Writing a mind-blowing love song can be achieved with the following ways.

Below is the list of how to write a love song

Fall in love and write

Well,  no one can truly express love in the purest form via lyrics without being in love.

So if you’ve never fallen in love before, you should not be thinking of how to write a love song, but I strongly doubt that possibility of a full fledged above 18 adult who has not gotten to the corridors of love, except the person was born an enunch, a monk or something more creepier.

But if at the time the inspiration to pen down a love song didn’t coincide with your love fever, it’s all good, you simply think of a time you were in love and regurgitate all the experiences into a piece.

Try reminiscing into the depths of how you felt when the bouts of love fever hit you hard and write out your experiences as they are.

The writings can be edited or refined to make song lyrics, but first be natural with it, all hook, line and singer be spelt out in writing.

After all the writings from the heart has been made, it’s now time to see how you can make a song out of it.

Be creative with your draft love writings

Now that you have a rough draft of writings containing your love experiences scattered in your table.

Really one messed up piece of literature before you.

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You put on your creativity hat and see how you can gather the pieces of your heart rented out in writing together to make a song.

You are not by any law required to do this alone, if you think you need help arranging the pieces of words together, then you really could use a helping hand here.

The extra hand could help you identify vital elements in the lyrics that will help the song advance, vital elements you won’t have be able to pick out all by yourself.

After the arranging is all complete, your love song is now clearer to you than ever before.

Also encourage inputs from friends on the lyrics, they might know something you don’t.

Get a soul tune for your lyrics

For some, the tune and beats comes before the lyrics so it can help the singer flow spontaneously with the lyrics.

Whichever one you choose, just make sure, your well written and edited love song lyrics has an emotional tune and instrumentals to go along with.

The song might loose it’s entire salt if the instrumentals screams of poor quality, or comes with war songs beats approach.

Good lyrics plus great instrumentals makes a fascinating song, and the love aspect of music is not left out on this formula.

It is ideal you start with a keyboardist or guitarist before heading to the studio, and if you are skilled in the instruments, that’s a huge plus.

This way, you won’t have to waste ample time in the studio looking for tunes to match your lyrics.

Most love songs are usually done with the keyboard alone and not cluttered with plenty of razzmatazz beats.

So starting with the keyboard is a great idea, unless you want your love song the Hip Hop party jam style.

Spice it up

Whether you observe it or not, people are tired of traditional love songs, that has one progression or pattern and ends in a way everyone is familiar with.

Average has killed many good songs.

Try spicing it up to a certain degree. Don’t go all dry on the song, add a twist to it.

For instance, you pretend like the song is dying out on a crescendo but you liven it up again, this time on a high pitch and key.

Create a breach midway into the song, and add some wordings void of any instrumental background and enliven the song again with the instrumentals.

Just try out random techniques all in a bit to make the song look unique.

Sing with passion

Actually this should have been the first on the list if not for the neccesity of the lyrics born out of passion equally.

So the same technique employed when writing the lyrics will need to be hired once again as you do the singing proper.

Immerse yourself back into that love mood and sing your heart out.

Picture a personality you love so much and pretend the person is right in front of you and you are actually singing for the person.

Cry if you have to, but don’t let anyone catch you crying.

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Sing out of passion, your listeners will go with flow your passion gives them, the passion will be a major driving force behind the success of the song, it can also enable you add some sauce to the love song.

Don’t hang around the studio if you have no passion for singing, asides love songs.

Music is an emotional business and passion is the start up capital and driving force.


Your love song is going to be more touching and emotional if there’s a heartbreaking part in it.

Find one and fix in it.

In a wrap, your love song depends on elements of lyrics, passion, creativity, instrumentals, heartbreak, spices, twists and turns. Hope your loved our post on How to Write a Love Song (2020)?

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