How To Handle Quiet Revolution In 2020


Handle Quiet Revolution In 2018Sometime between 1960 and 1966, a province in Canada known as Québec experienced an unprecedented revolution.

The revolution was far-reaching.

It redefined and reshaped the entire political, economic, social, religious, educational, and cultural landscape of the Québec province.

Now, here’s the thing.

The revolution was a unique, peculiar, and unconventional kind that the world has come to regard as “The Quiet Revolution.”

The name was coined by a certain Toronto journalist.

You see guys…

Revolutions, when they take place, like you and I know, are usually mixed with hostilities, tensions, protests, standoffs, hoopla, kidnappings, and, most times, killings.

But the kind that took place in Québec was way different.

Apart from bringing about the needed positive change, it happened so quietly and without any form of violence.

Call it a peaceful revolution, if you will.

Or to put it melodramatically, the revolution hummed, not shouted, the tunes that ushered in positive transformation in Québec.

Thinking about Québec’s experience now teaches me something instructive about change that I will like to share with you as we get into 2018.

So there you go…

In life, sometimes our change process could be so quiet or subtle that we begin to cast doubts on whether there’s actually a change taking place.

For example, we put in so much efforts trying to improve our businesses, relationships, careers, or personal lives but we just can’t see any physical improvement as a result of those arduous efforts.

Consequently, we begin to doubt or lose our hunger for the change we seek and then, eventually, we abandon it.

It’s just unfortunate that this scenario played out in the lives of some of us in 2017.

But then it needn’t be so.

If you’re going to be committed about real change in 2018, then you need to appreciate what I call your “silence period”.

This is the rooting stage when there’s actually a change taking place, but because it’s hidden beneath the surface of your view, your eyes just can’t see it yet.

This is the “within stage”, where your internal change workings are silently being aligned towards the critical mass of physical manifestation.

At this point, it would be wrong for you to abort your commitment towards that change journey.

In 2018, honour your commitment to stay consistent to your change efforts.

Learn to till the field of your own quiet revolution.

Because with time the results of your faithful efforts will begin to sprout for you and others to see.

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu

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