HOT!!! “It is time to cast a vote of no confidence on the political system” – Seun Kuti


Seun KutiNigeria 2019 elections is quick drawing nearer and keeping in mind that numerous government officials and political office hopefuls are adjusting plans to take control or stay in control, vocalist, Seun Kuti is supporting that the time has come to make a choice of no certainty on the political framework.

The vocalist, extremist and child to music legend, Fela Kuti made this known on Monday, June 4, 2018, by means of his Instagram where he said it is futile getting PVCs when we don’t know we are voting in favour of.

“Shouting GET YOUR PVC UPANDAN. WHAT ARE WE VOTING FOR? My brother my sister not voting in a system that fails to represent you isn’t a lack of participation. It only becomes that if you are not actively building the system you want outside of the oppressive state. PVC na person contract ooo if u don’t collect dem sef no go collect bar, hence the advert not because it helps us.

“The leadership that must representing us will not be about winning elections or chasing your votes but will be about empowering our minds and inspiring our consciousness. It will, by its own positive essence, spur us to participate in its own party politics. We shall all be interested in its delegates and candidates for every primary and election respectively. It’s shall be OUR PARTY. When u see the party it will be your reflection.

“Then and only then do the people have a party. My people, PVC collection isn’t participation, it’s manipulation. Don’t let anyone force you to endorse their system until you are sure it represents you. Time to cast a vote of no confidence in the political system and build our own! This is the task of the #liberationgeneration,” he wrote.

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