“God will require the blood of murdered Christians from all Christian politicians that have remained silent in the face of recent killings” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie says


David IbiyeomiePastor of Salvation Ministries, Pst. David Ibiyeomie, has emphatically censured Nigerian Christian politicians that are in political workplaces who have stayed quiet in the wake of ongoing killings of Christians in a few sections of the nation.

As indicated by David Ibiyeomie, a few politicians who are of the Christian confidence have stayed quiet even the same number of Christians are being injured by herders.

“Christian Politicians in the palace who cannot react or resign against the mass slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria should know that they have failed woefully in the act of governance and should honorably throw in the towel. To claim to be fighting corruption and not fight the destruction of lives and properties of the people under your custody amounts to a witchhunt.”

“How can a man claim to be pursuing thieves and allow his children to be dying? How many herdsmen and their sponsors have been caught and prosecuted.  It is only in Nigeria that cows have more value than human beings. When a leader does not feel pain when the lives of his people are snatched by some set of people who call themselves herdsmen, then we invariably don’t have leaders. No part of the world are cows valued more than humans.”

“In which country do you see cows grazing on peoples farmland? And some bunch of people are proposing a grazing bill, Are they calling you and I fools? And we have leaders who are Christians? I think they should all resign. They have sold their conscience for their stomach. They have denied the faith. If they cannot stand up for Christians, they have failed. If you say you are a Christian and cannot raise your voice against this senseless killings, then please resign.”

“It seems to me that the only way to get military protection is to behave like a cow. Once you behave like a cow, the military and government will protect you.”

“God will require the blood of the murdered Christians from the hands of Christian politicians in authority that refuse to react and take action against the killing because of positions and what they can get from authority.”

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