GIRAFFE – A Lesson To Every Aspiring & Young Entrepreneur


giraffeA giraffe is an amazing creature that belongs to the Giraffidae family.

She’s regarded as the tallest, living, ruminant animal with an average height of 20ft and known for her exceptionally long neck that’s over 5ft in length.

The maximum lifespan of a giraffe is between 25 years to 30 years.

Ironically, a giraffe is not a fast animal despite her long legs.

In fact, the maximum speed of a giraffe is pegged at 56km/h, which makes her a vulnerable prey to fast, carnivorous animals like lions, leopards, and hyenas.

Now, here is the fascinating part.

When a female giraffe gives birth after fifteen months of gestation, the calf falls 10ft from her womb to the ground and usually lands on her back.

Within 20 minutes of that unceremonious fall, the calf is able to stand on her own feet.

But then here’s what happens during those 20 minutes.

Shortly after the baby is born, the mother giraffe begins to subject her to stiff trainings.

While her baby is still on the ground, she swings her long, pendulous legs outward and violently kicks her. If the baby doesn’t get up, she kicks her again and again and again.

She continues doing this until the baby giraffe is able to stand on her feet and then she does it again because she wants the baby to remember how she got up in the first instance.

“But why does she carry out all these hard stuffs on her young baby?” you may ask.

Well, she does that to prepare and strengthen her calf for life.

If the baby giraffe must survive in the wild, if she must escape from the dangers posed by her predators, then she must learn how to get on her own feet, fast!

Just like the baby giraffe, as entrepreneurs we are expected to face series of kicks.

And when it appears as if we are about to find our feet, another kick hits us to the ground!

Now, don’t cry home to momma.

It comes with the territory.

True entrepreneurs are not made in comfort and ease.

Challenges are entrepreneurs natural inhabitant.

We breathe them, we live them, but, more importantly, we surf in them.

Let entrepreneurship kick you, but remember you are trained to get back up.

Let it kick you again, but remember you are trained to get back up again and again and again.

Truth is, you are not expected to die like the normal humans.

You die when you are ready to die.

For now, you are not ready.

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu

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