Femi Kuti Responds To Allegation Of Sexual Misconduct With Minors


A former member of Femi Kuti’s Force Band has accused the Afrobeat singer and saxophonist of maltreatment of staff, unpaid salaries and sleeping with underage girls.

It all started when a member of the Force Band Aghedo Andrew who is a bassist absconded a 20 minutes before Femi Kuti’s show in New York. The enraged Afrobeat singer took to his Instagram page to put him on blast.

A former member Solomon Idowu of the band who is in support of what Andrew did took the chance to lambaste the Grammy Award nominee.

Idowu accused Femi Kuti of I’ll treatment of his band members. He also mentioned that Femi doesn’t pay his band members well and treats them ‘sh*t’.

The aggrieved band member said he was still owed money for his service to the band and that Femi Kuti does sleep with underage persons working for him.

Following the allegation the social activist decided to respond, he cleared the air that contrary to what Idowu said, he has never employed underage persons. He stated in his reply that his band members are well paid.

On sleeping with his female dancers, Femi Kuti said he has had relationships with some of his dancers.

See full response below:

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