Executioner Wife Maryam Sanda Hires Senior Lawyer JB Daudu Himself Accused Of Abusing His Late Wife


A housewife, Maryam Sanda who was charged to have cut and slaughtered her better half, Bilyamin Bello has drawn in the administration of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria ( SAN ), Joseph Daudu to shield her in the murder body of evidence brought against her. Mr. Daudu himself confronted a progression of affirmations of local mishandle and spouse battery after his better half, Ranti Daudu abruptly kicked the bucket in July 2017

Today, Daudu drove a consortium of attorneys to the court to guard Maryam when the issue continued for hearing under the steady gaze of an Abuja high court. In the mean time, the Nigerian Police has recorded an application under the watchful eye of the court to revise the charges brought against Maryam after the preparatory examination .

The arraignment advise, James Idachaba told the court that after the finish of their examination they have accompanied the corrected adaptation of the charge which incorporates new confirmation which uncovered that a few people intrigued with the blamed to mess with prove for the claimed kill.

He noticed that the individuals who were asserted to have altered the confirmation were likewise joined as an extra sometime later of crime. He encouraged the court to overlook the safeguard application moved by the resistance in light of a legitimate concern for equity taking note of that such application can be engaged on the following suspended day.

The protection advise who is likewise the previous Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association implored the court to allow his customer safeguard pending the assurance of the suit. There was a gentle dramatization in the court when the directing judge, Yusu Halilu revealed to Maryam when she entered the dock to expel her cover from her face to empower him see her. Additionally a few individuals from her family were seen protecting her from photojournalists and heaving curses on them as she arrived court escorted by jail corrections officers.

Maryam Sanda

Managing judge, Justice Yusuf Halilu rejected the safeguard application looked for by the protection including that he will just engage the safeguard application on the following suspended day . He requested that the arraignment aggregate the revised charges and make it accessible to the court.

The case was suspended to Thursday fourteenth December which matched with the day when the instance of her mom, Maimuna Aliyu will likewise come up for hearing. Her mom was located in the court today.

Mrs. Aliyu is charged to be summoned for debasement related offenses while the late spouse’s dad Bello is as of now under trial for defilement identified with the plundering of the Nigerian treasury amid the 2015 general races.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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