Ending The Visionlessness In Delta State


delta stateIn Delta state, everything has become totally visionless, classless, dirty, disorganized, puerile, and largely criminal. Sycophancy, arrogance, and dirtiness of the mind are now badges of honour. The blind and incompetent openly market mediocrity as offerings of excellence. The sights and sounds in our villages, towns and supposed cities speak volumes about how so so low we have sunk. No modern infrastructure; no functional social amenities; no industries; no gainful employments/jobs; no justice.

But we know who we are. We are thinkers, visionaries and barrier breakers. We never give up if we are convinced we are right and on a godly path. Our minds are well educated. We are decent, bold and sophisticated in character, thoughts and actions. We fear only God Almighty, not men.

The current sickening order has no place in our original Delta and just has to be finally dismantled. Compared to Lagos in the most basic demands of leadership, we know that we have fundamental problems. Those who know and hate this cannot run away from the problems. Doing nothing is surely not an option. The future of our children is at stake here!

We must pull our best intellectual, strategic and other resources together to stop the rot at the home-front. We need true leaders and professionals to step out to set Delta free. This is absolutely possible and we will do it. Thoughtful in planning and organizing, we will definitely achieve our set goals. Therefore, let our true leaders and professionals step out in every electoral Unit, Ward and LGA to lead the biggest multi-party, multi-ethnic grassroots coalition ever in Delta. This is beyond social media – although it remains an important tool. Everyone has to be accountable for success in, at least, a unit.

Our duty is to make every vote in the 2019 elections count towards dethroning the present sickening order. Only our best should and would lead as Honourable Members of the Houses of Assembly and House of Reps, Distinguished Senators and Governor. This is the only way to build a decent society we can all be genuinely proud of. – Efe Duku

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  1. Toni

    This is a clarion call for all people, men and women of goodwill to arise and reject arbitrariness. We cannot continue to be served with the worst and residual of everything that is evil. It’s our collective job to extricate ourselves from the reign of the cult of fiends. Freedom is possible only if we dare! There is no question that the dilemma we cry of transcends delta, but charity begins at home!

  2. Imonisa

    Well spoken,we must possess our possession, one thing must be noted which is Security, our Vote must count but our leaders should do all their possible best to secure our Vote until the result has been announce to achieve our aims. No dulling,No sleeping on duty.

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