Emtee Responded to Falling Off Stage


Emtee Responded to Falling Off StageEmtee has responded to his stunning fall amid a stage performance throughout the end of the week.

While numerous related the tumble to a manhandle, Emtee said he hadn’t had a drink in more than 7 years and he fell on the grounds that the stage was little.

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He told a media outlet, “I’m doing great. Absolutely fine. I just fell. The security was worried so they took me backstage. The stage was very small and I had to watch my step. It must’ve been a wire that made me fall because I wouldn’t have just fallen out of the blue.”

For the folks making jest of him online, he said, “You know, with hip-hop there will always be rivalry and putting each other down. Like, ‘look at him. Hahaha.’ “

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