Effects of Television Addiction & How To Overcome The Addiction


Television AddictionEffects of Television Addiction and How To Overcome The Addiction – Many people today are getting much addicted to television; many cannot stay for an hour without watching a television.

They have formed it as a habit to always peep at the screen of their tv set.

This issue of addiction to television or television addiction is mostly found among youths.

Elders (Fathers/mothers) might not have all the time to be watching movies as they have got a lot of responsibilities on their heads but children and youths will always be seen watching tv anytime they came back from school, house work or at their leisure time.

It baffles me that somebody can sit down from morning to night looking at television screen in the name of watching season films.

This season films have fostered much television addiction to young people of Nigeria, the worst part of it is that those season films have long durations.

They will sit down from morning to night just to finish season one of the film, and tomorrow, they are in hunt for season two till they are true with all the seasons of that film then it’s time to start another one.

Never did they know that they are getting too much addicted to television which they don’t also know that it will have a negative effect on them.

This issue seems to be a new generation problem and increased technology development because in the days past, to watch a television, you will have to gather in a village square or in a rich man house who can afford to buy a television.

The time for it is always in the night after the day’s activity, I tell you those days, it was fun unlike nowadays were children sticks to television sect morning to night in the name of watching movies.

Effects of Television Addiction on an Individual

Academic Performance

Television addiction has high effect in the academic performance of children as been addicted to television can damage the structure of child’s brain and the brain alteration becomes more esoteric.

This will affect the child’s performance academically.


Watching movies more than required can affect your health condition as an individual, when you are addicted to television, you will confined to your room watching movies.

This will give no room for exercise and will lead to overweight because you are not burning calories as supposed.

Too much confinement to your room without any outdoor activities to exercise yourself also results in obesity and also heart attack.

Addiction to television can also cause type 2 diabetes.

Reduces Thinking Ability

Television addition will tend to reduce the way you think. It gives the opportunity to avoid making use of our critical thinking.

Time Wasting

They said that time is money and time is precious.

We should mind the way we spend our time because life is too short, so many hours wasted in doing nothing but watching television should have been used to do something better.

Remember those people you are watching, are using you to make their money.

It is not as if you are been discouraged from entertaining yourself but there is time for everything and too much of everything is bad.

Regulate and manage your time well and make most use of it.

Overcoming Television Addiction

Once someone has been addicted to a particular thing, it is usually difficult to get out of it but we believe that everything that has beginning equally the end must be there, it depends on our personal decision and determination to overcome, conquer and dominate our addiction to a particular stuff.

When once addicted, and trying to come back to our normal being, we should always take it easily and gradually as it will hurt us if we try to do it once.

I have handful picked some useful tips to help us curb television addiction and maintain our normal time schedule.

How To Overcome The Addiction

Reducing the Time Spent in Watching Television

No one does it better than you can, if you want it to be best done, do it yourself.

It is the advice that you gave to yourself that I consider the best advice because people will be telling you do this while other will tell you to do that but unless you compromise in your heart to do a particular one, you will remain the way you are.

Give yourself this advice to monitor the rate, at which you watch television, if you must watch television every day, then include it in your activity time table and try to engage yourself in many extra-curriculum activities that will be of your benefit.

Like I said early, it will be difficult curb an addiction once so you will have to take it gradually till you get to that perfect position which you know will not have any negative effect on you again.

If you have been watching television for a whole day, try reducing it to 12 hours a day, then 6 hours till you reach your destination.

Realize That Television Addiction is About Destroying Your Future

The earlier you wake up from your slumber the better it becomes for you.

As a youth, don’t you think of your future, life ambition, don’t you have a role model, someone who inspires you to push forward, is that how they lived to attain that position they are now?

Realize that life is too short and you are just wasting your time been addicted to television.

Watching television cannot make you a rich man tomorrow or put food on your table so make use of your conscience and plan your life, realize your ambition and push forward towards achieving it and pay less attention to televisions.

Finding an Alternative to Television

In the case of an idle mind being the devils fun center, when you are idle, you will tend to find something to keep you busy thereby going into watching television.

Find something to keep you busy any time you are not working.

As no knowledge is a waste, you can choose to learn new things if you always have free time, read books and even try to become a writer.

Draw a Your Personal Time Table

It is not only students that writes time table, you as a person can come up with your own time table so as to arrange your life and curb this television addiction.

Including spotting activities to your time table to help prevent the health effects of television addiction

You can still entertain yourself by watching television but should be on a normal rate, it’s just a matter of carving out how you want to run your time.

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