Dunsin Oyekan – Fragrance To Fire (LIVE VIDEO)


Dunsin Oyekan - Fragrance To Fire mp3Watch Dunsin Oyekan – Fragrance To Fire new song!

Nigerian Christian singer, Dunsin Oyekan has presented a fresh new melody entitled “Fragrance To Fire,” recorded live at The Covenant Nation, Lagos. The electric, high-vitality, elevating and revere driven sound is one more impressive song of devotion from the observed Nigerian singer.

“I sensed an urgency in my spirit to document and record this sound some weeks ago.” The singer stated, “With the recent development around the world, the plague and the scare that comes with it, there’s a need to release this sound to the Earth for such a time as this!!”

The singer is the most up to date expansion to the developing lists of extraordinary tunes by Dunsin Oyekan which are birthed from a profound spot and dramatic. This additionally fills in as his first new single after his most recent collection, Kingdom Now, and it follows the ongoing live video discharges from the task including; Ageless, Holy and Most High.

Watch Fragrance To Fire by Dunsin Oyekan below.

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