It Is Disfficult to Market a Bad Product


Shout out to all my friends here who are still defending this administration. You guys are really strong. Sincerely speaking, defending Nigerian government is one of the toughest position anyone can find him/herself in.

I remember the first two years of this administration when I was still hoping against hope that PMB will turn things around. I would sometimes compose a post in his defense (especially when he makes one of those his gaffes) and when I read through it, I will feel stupid within me. then I will just delete the post, so I don’t end up making a mockery of myself and my education.

However, I held on cos I already vowed that I will manage to hold-forth for PMB for two years, after which I will begin to hold his hands to fire to deliver on his campaign promises.

These days, when I read comments from the so-called Buharists, I always sympathize with them, cos the more they try to invent excuses for the government, the more the government keeps making the job harder for them.

The Nigerian government is a government of ONE-DAY-ONE-NONSENSE… Hence, while you are still struggling to defend one howler from them, they will commit another one the next day. If you keep defending them for long, you begin to debase your humanity without even knowing it.

I sometimes wish these so-called Buharists know how they sound. Anyway, I still respect them, cos it’s not easy to throw shame and credibility away and keep defending obvious government failures.

Written by Ugo Chikezie

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