Deep Magic In Between: Ajebo Hustlers ft. Omah Lay – “Pronto” Review


The popular extraordinary Nigerian, Port-harcourt breed music duo, Ajebo Hustlers; have surfaced a magical song that sits next to their previous banger which took the country at equal pace during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, it went really viral and stood  at the fore front buzzing national airwaves and laid the special Nigerian duo through a route that means them a lot by trading verses for the remix of the track with popular Nigerian superstar, Davido, who rose Barawo” record remix into bigger spotlight and created a more powerful essence alongside the new visuals of the record which exposes the average Nigerian realism kicking against jungle justice and fearlessly fights Nigerian corruption.

Barawo” became a voice that spoke through the average Nigerians that marched, during the 2020 #EndSars Protest in most part of the country.

Also, “Barawo” was a record that strongly explored terrible average, Nigerian reality – treading on Nigerians with old booths that never get out of date but recycle as materials till they finally die (leaders), since her national independence in 1960.

We’re still sailing a ship that houses vices and still mechanizes un-fathomed corruption to date.

Ajebo HustlersBarawo” record, in 2020 owned a voice that spoke strongly on behalf of average Nigerians, even if we are still in a looped simulation that would never stop whining till the world ends, or perhaps take the slight shift to revolution but for now, you have to find your own way out to survive from the loop machine (Nigeria), “nothing ever changes!” According to the popular, Nigerian Music Journalist – Joey Akan.

Ajebo Hustlers also gained special appearance for Omah Lay’s “Damn” visuals off his “Get Layd” EP and it officially gave fans hint about their relationship and perhaps working on a record won’t be a wrong idea.

Although, there all from the same city, in Port-Harcourt Nigeria and have great things they share in common.

Pronto” is Ajebo Hustlers official single that features the popular Nigerian Headies Next Rated nominee, Omah Lay, who sophisticated the hook in the creation alongside Piego, the singer in Ajebo Hustlers duo; who sang the strong emanating chorus as there both sassy vocal texture equally aligns together creating perfect chemistry.

They both specially structured clean lyrical essence from, Pidgin to English that literally elevated the record and made the poppy nature abruptly leaped stronger.

Knowledge, the tune crippler who raps in Ajebo Hustlers duo began to kick off with his nicely structured flows that quietly amplified the listener’s thrust to enjoy the creation at first listen.

“I go dey put myself in order/Make I no go kpai person daughter/No be only me be her lover/If na play make you stop am/Abeg make you use your upper/Before dem say na only me dey chop am/Go dey put myself in order/Before them do omugwo for the matter/Obuolobuolo just dey hala say the rumor don dey yapa/Her booby dey balabala/Obula childs oburoma.”

Knowledge, delivered sick flows accompanying PH slangs, native Ikwerre and Kalabari dialect and strong Pidgin that became ill enough to make you ask questions that concerns the record from his thick end.

Pronto” as well, is a slang title that became a strong sophisticated magic with the help of Omah Lay’s notable lyrical touch hooking at one side, notwithstanding Ajebo Hustlers duo; Knowledge and Piego still owned and sustained their regular identity for random records.

The song is entirely a fine design that squarely bounces strongly from the start underneath, and it pragmatically leaves the acts that jumped on the magic loop to fine-tune the sonic housing blunt afro-beat spectrum, pop, and slight highlife sedimentation at closure as they smoothly delivered a strong record at very pensive height.

The chemistry can’t be misplaced in between and they jointly created what I call – Pronto fever, where you only have to put yourself in order!

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