100% COMMITMENT – A Strong Case for Young Entrepreneurs


COMMITMENTAs entrepreneurs, we live on commitment and it is very easy to gauge the commitments of our teams if we want to.

Commitment is pretty hard to fake; you can smell it from a distance.

Back then in college, I started a certain student organization that turned out to be the best on campus and one of the best in Nigeria.

We won laurels for our school, our name was featured on national dailies, we became celebrities on campus.

One of our core values back then was “100% Commitment,” and we drove that into the epicentre of the hearts of every member that joined us or wanted to join us.

You either offered 100% Commitment or you didn’t become a member, and even if you were an existing member, we simply initiated proceedings to take you out.

No sentiments; it was a fraternity on a mission.

We were that consumed by the idea of what we were building, that we were willing to gladly pour out our entire hearts and minds into it.

No half and half; it was complete.

Recently in the office, we’ve had a backlog of work to tidy up in preparation for 2018, so I told one of my team members:

“Is like we would have to postpone this our holiday. We need to sort out a couple of issues before 2018. So we are working this Christmas.”

“No problem,” he said gladly.

No fuss.

For me, that is one of the proofs of commitment.

I have been having series of strategy meetings with the COO heading another of our business portfolio.

This lady has commitment written all over her.

Just yesterday, around 1 a.m. late into midnight, I found out a certain interesting information that I needed her to take a look at and study.

Well, I believed she was deep asleep, but I sent her the message with the link, hoping she would see it when he woke up in the morning.

But instantly she replied me, studied what I sent, and we started another strategy meeting that midnight as a result of what I sent.

She was alive and excited, and took note of things to be done.

When we ended, I stayed awake a bit processing all this.

That also, for me, is one of the proofs of commitment.

You see guys, this whole thing of being an entrepreneur is not something that thrives with the attitude of ‘testing with the tip of your tongue’.

It is either you are in or you are out.

Commitment from all and sundry is what makes magic happen.

If your team is not committed or if you are not committed yourself to drive change, believe me, this whole thing will be a drag and it won’t work.

If you are building something great, you don’t need people who show up to work site and all they always do while they are there is check wristwatch.

That’s a divided mind.

Now, please note, at the heart of real commitment are two key elements: Love and Faith.

Love and faith too cannot be faked; with time, you will smell them from afar.

Your team must love and have passion for what you guys are building, and they must believe in the possibility that it can and will be done.

If the paragraph you just read doesn’t make sense or fly with you, then I guess the other paragraphs before it won’t make sense or fly with you either.

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu

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