I Can’t Take A Nigerian Artist To Court – Kenny Ogungbe


Kennis Music Kenny OgungbeNigerian music industry pioneer and music mogul Kenny Ogungbe shares his opinion on the seeming trend of artist – record label legal battles.

The Kennis Music boss made his stance known in an interview as he weighed in on new industry trends and why hype has become a quick substitute for talent.

While speaking about record labels and artists heading to court for settlement Kenny Ogungbe said that he wouldn’t never go that way.

This are his words:

“Record label owners are taking legal actions against the artistes when they breach contracts, which is fine on a business concern.

But I can’t bother myself taking a Nigerian artiste to court because I am a leader in this industry. I am a pioneer, I started all this and I can’t be part of the people that built an industry and also break it.

If you are doing something wrong as my artiste, I will call you to order and advice you as an elder, father and a brother. But if you still insist on towing the part, I will just leave you”

Mr Kenny who is also a veteran broadcaster explained the hierarchy  amongst an artist, his manager and label boss/sponsor.

“The artist is the boss of his manager because the artiste employed him. That’s the standard all over the world. If the artist is no longer satisfied with the service of the manager, he can fire him.

However, I must say that the position of an artist manager is an exalted one, a very glorious one. The financier, on the other hand, is who he is; he is the executive producer, he is the boss. The person who pays you is your boss.

He finances your talent because you can’t; he is your boss. Many of this artistes don’t even know this and they need to know.”

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