I Bought My New House & Benz With Legit Money – Dice Ailes Tells


Nigerian rapper & singer Damilola Alesh popularly known as Dice Ailes is ‘young and getting it’. Some days ago the singer acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV and new house. In the light of his new acquirement rumours have been going around that Dice could not have made money to acquire all this via music only, the singer was rumoured to be involve in ilegal doing.

Dice Ailes has quashed those rumours by declearing that he is 100% legit & his latest acquirement was bought by the money made from his music while talking with Sunday Scoop crew.

“As illegal as it may seem, it’s simply hard work and God that gave me the house and a new car. My prayers have always been for God to bless me in ways that would confuse and shock people. It’s evident that God is real and prayers work. I do just music and God has blessed me.

“Since I came to the limelight, I never looked back. I have learnt that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and there is no excuse for failure.”

The ‘Otedola’ crooner further stated that his parents have been encouraging of his career & every step of the way, unlike outsiders his parents have seen his growth process.

“My parents know my struggles as opposed to the fans on social media. They see the process; in fact, they are a part of it. All I do is try to make them proud. I’m thankful to God for all my achievements thus far. Life is generally hard and success isn’t an easy road. But I’ve been able to attain some of the goals I set for myself, which include improving the quality of my life and the people around me. I’m grateful for this.”

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