Best Ways to Promote Your Music in Nigeria


Best Ways to Promote Your Music in NigeriaWant to know the best ways to promote your Music in Nigeria? or how to promote a song in the Nigerian music industry? Then keep reading!

Songs are meant for promotion which is the precursor to success and that’s the dream of every artist in Nigeria.

As an upcoming artist, this should be your priority after recording a song unless you did the song for yourself alone to enjoy, or for other personal reasons.

Anything contrary to this should be promoted using the right media and that’s where this article is headed – the best ways to promote your music in Nigeria and tell the Nigerian entertainment community and revelers that you’ve got some great stuff up your sleeves.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Below are Best Ways to Promote Your Music in Nigeria

Make Good Stuff

Some pieces and music renditions aren’t meant for public consumption.

They lack creativity, the lyrics are dry and the beats are downright disgusting.

You can’t promote such artistry here in Nigeria where the demand for great content is high.

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Before deciding on which channel to promote your music, ensure you make very good songs and the promotion could just be the most seamless task you can ever do in your career.

Good stuff promote themselves naturally.

Utilize Music Blogs

There are blogs that are dedicated to music alone and nothing else.

These blogs are up to date on the latest releases in the Nigerian music industry, a typical example – and so they come as one of the best channels you can use to promote your song.

Contact them and send your songs to them, their job is to promote.

The good part is that they will also publicize your song on their social media pages for the world to see, if your act is good, people will download and share.

It’s that simple.

Most of these music blogs could charge you a token while some do it for free.

Radio Stations

In Nigeria, there are lots of entertainment radio stations that are concerned about the success of an upcoming artist in the Nigeria music scene.

They will gladly accept your tracks and play them for the listening pleasure of everyone tuned in.

They don’t charge any dime for this publicity.

You could approach more than radio stations and solicit for their assistance to help air your songs at least a couple of times in the week.

Depending on the city, when two or three radio stations are having your song in their playlist, there’s a bound to be some level of exposure for your brand.

Get to Alaba

Marketing is a core factor when it comes to promoting songs and if you’ve been around the Nigerian entertainment scene for a while, you should know that Alaba is the largest digital entertainment market in West Africa.

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From movies, music videos, and songs, everything worth listening to can be marketed by the guys in Alaba and it can get to anywhere in Nigeria.

Why don’t you head down to Alaba already and see how they can help in your music promotion.

The Social Media

The social media in recent times have been used as a tool to carry out huge projects both in politics, business, governance, transparency and the subject matter – the entertainment we get every day.

So far, it has proven to be a very viable tool that can transform situations around in the shortest possible time.

You can deploy the powers of social media to promote your music in a cost-effective way.

Use your Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Imo, telegram accounts and whichever platform you are on to promote your songs.


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