Bella Shmurda: Talented, The Definition Of A Street Music Lover


Bella Shmurda is a popular Nigerian singer and songwriter who have directly contributed his multifaceted street credibility, hustling spirit, and an act of motivation to his music.

Born in Ojo, Lagos where he had his primary and secondary education. He gained admission in 2016 to the University of Lagos to study History and International Relations. In between, he loves the street lifestyle and also loves to inculcate his listeners often.

Shmurda, 24, reigns in the Nigerian music industry predominantly with his genuine astounding street creations, designed at high creative levels; pure and steady hard-hitting productions mostly consists of mild tempo pop ballads that live underneath his ubiquitous dance rhythms, which lauds and invades in his music after surviving from either hip-hop or ranges of Afro structural spectrums that ends his music.

His craft regularly beams creating ripples that tend to grab people’s attention in tons which is worthy, he swings in between steadily and it makes the crowd watch continuously with grit and they have begun to enjoy him.

In between it all, he has learned to put smiles on their face continually with the music which they easily and often connect with.

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He is very talented, and he has learned to balance the street function completely as well as he understands troops to become a very bright pop star.

Runtown’s 2020 Afro-pop exec, “Body Riddim”, conglomerate that he could still beam his art, and survive a pop star. Bella Shmurda was featured on the song and delivered like a pop star who finds street music more appealing to create.

Sometimes, he seems like one with his creations hitting like he has hustled from the core streets of Lagos, meanwhile the hustler’s blood tends to flows in his vein; well you can find it in his art. He loves the street and probably that’s what pays his bills and makes him continually buy and smoke some blunt.

He claims to chase the good life, take the risk and deprive himself of sleep to go higher in his career with street songs from his clan, Dagbana Republic.

As well, he is signed to “Oneword Global Records” where he recently curates an anthem with his music from that has spoken for the street and it makes me understand the endless love which they’ve bashed him with. He made a core street song that eventually connected with everyone’s survival, it is titled, “Cash App”.

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Everybody loves cold cash even a seven-year-old kid would prefer clinching it tightly than anything else, at least not his school books this time. The pop invasion song and dance rhythmic fusion 2020, “Cash App”, spoke differently and perfects his art which frontiers and strongly connected with the streets, even beyond Nigerian shores; every single listener that is a true hustler, love and vibed, “Cash App”.

Bella made songs that completely resonate strongly, even his 2020 “Dagbana Orisa”, speaks quite polite to motivate hustlers. “Face my fears, me I never run/Man gats to hustle to the top/Don’t you change the rhythm, don’t stop” Bella sang to motivate, and on the mid, he diverted to inculcate street formalities.

He loves the street and he seems like one that would do anything for the street, not the other way round but is very able to create continuous grooves with his street music for you to enjoy.

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