Basic Information on Non-Owner Auto Insurance


Non-Owner Auto Insurance is a form of insurance policy that are put in place to protect drivers who possibly do not own a car or drive frequently but want coverage or protection against any sort of accident anytime they drive.

This kind of insurance actually covers payment for injuries and damages in the eventuality of an accident and does not matter if you are renting the car or borrowing it.

Non-Owner Auto Insurance
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Many people actually do not have any idea this form of insurance exists and the reason is not unknown.

Many insurance companies do not actually advertise this service as much as they advertise other policies which they have because very few people go for it and the pricing is usually low compared to that of the regular or “owner car-insurance.”

There are a lot of factors that determine the pricing for a non-owner auto insurance.

Some examples of factors that determine such pricing are: The amount of coverage desired, the insured’s driving history and the frequency of him/her using a car, the age of the driver, the location where the driver lives, etc.

There are a couple of more factors that determine the non-owner auto insurance but these are the few basic ones.

An insurance quote for the non-owner insurance policy can be gotten by contacting a local agent or contacting the insurance companies directly.

The categories of people who should get a non-owner car insurance are stated below:

People who rent cars frequently: As stated above, a non-owner auto insurance will be ideal for you if you rent cars often as this saves you the cost of having to pay regular car insurance fees each time you rent a new car.

You are a beneficiary of a car-sharing service:

Although car-sharing services like Zipcar offer liability coverage but having a non-owner car insurance would not hurt, would it? The non-owner insurance is actually very useful in case you are at fault in an accident and the victim decides to sue you.

A non-owner insurance would come in very handy in this case as your assets or savings might be at risk.

You borrow others’ cars frequently:

If you are someone who borrows or drives others’ cars often, then a non-insurance policy is ideal for you especially if the owner of the car does not include you in his/her insurance policy and/or if the insurance of the car owner cannot foot the bills of any accident that occurs while you are with the car.

You have once been convicted with DUI (Driving under Influence):

In some states in America, to get a driver’s license or reinstate a former one, a non-owner insurance can be used during the process if one does not possess a car.

People who do not need a non-owner insurance are people who have regular access to cars and are enlisted under someone else’s insurance policy as a driver.

Below are three well known insurance companies that offer non-owner car insurance with the best ways to acquire the quotes and policies:


  • They do not offer online quotes.
  • You might need to contact or call Nationwide directly for insurance quotes.
  • The best option can be gotten by going through an agent.


  • A case-by-case basis is used to determine a driver’s eligibility for the insurance policy.
  • A non-owner auto insurance can be gotten through varieties of products.
  • The best option can still be gotten by going through a local agent.


  • They offer liability coverage on rental cars.
  • The best option is to go through a local agent or representative.

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